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"Silent and Quick" - Who are At Risks? Inexperienced Swimmers & Distracted Supervision

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Global News published this article to raise awareness especially in this time of the year when we get to enjoy water activities during the warm summer time, and while I stress about the importance of water safety and being water smart to my swimmers (all varying levels and abilities), this is a topic I come back multiple times as reminder to myself and the people around us.

As a friend who have had someone tragically passed because of a drowning incident, I wouldn't want any of this happens and we should not overlooked this topic lightly.

The majority of the accidents ARE PREVENTABLE!

Aside from I am here to unlock your swimming potential, I want you to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be water safe and water smart. We cannot undermine the importance, even if we KNOW HOW to swim, we should still take precaution, especially in open water. If you DON'T KNOW HOW to swim, please be truthful to yourself and never succumbed to peer pressure to be in the water when you don't feel comfortable, putting yourself and others in a dangerous situation. The number one objective of any water activities, is everyone comes back safely!

So, what do I say?

  • Swimming lessons can SAFE LIVES and is for EVERYONE

  • Learn the basic survival and swimming skills (you don't need to be an Olympic swimmers to enjoy water!)

  • Parents/Guardians, please ensure to always keep an arm reach from your children in pools/open water (maintain active and close supervision instead of distracted supervision)

  • Use a buddy system when swimming in open water (always have a safety device with you and your partner)

  • Put on safety devices (e.g. lifejackets) or have safety devices (e.g. buoy) with you when you are swimming, especially at deep end or in open water

You can read the full article:

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