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Hybrid programs for new adult swimmers
to learn to swim & find your flow

Browse our new SwimFlow MasterClass to learn how we can help you turn your water fears into water enjoy with family and friends, even if you are busy.

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Shweta Gomathisankar⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I felt so comfortable and, I can now swim and enjoy water."

"Grace is so encouraging and meets you where you are at. Not only does she break down the concepts for you in an easy-to-learn way, she makes lessons enjoyable and something to look forward to. She has both a calm and passionate energy that makes it a joy to be around her." 

testimonial for swim with grace

Signature Program

With a blend of actionable curriculum, personalized instructor feedback, and inner community experience, our signature programs have been intentionally designed to help you get results with expert guidance.


Grace teaches adult swimming
In this program, I'll help a small group of you to find your flow so you can enjoy water and swim in just a few weeks from now, even if you have a busy schedule.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You want to enjoy vacation pools with loved ones,
    but not knowing how to swim is holding you back.

  • You want to experience social adventures in water,
    but you fear water you cannot stand on.


  • You want a new health and fitness routine, 
    but don't know where to start.

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Instead, imagine how it would feel to...

Grace teaches adult swimming

Learn how to swim in a few weeks from now

(even if you have a busy schedule)

Adult swimmings learning to swim

Enjoy water activities with loved ones 

(so you never have to miss out your next social outing)

Grace teaches adult swimming

Develop your vibrant swimmer lifestyle

(and feel your absolute best)

All of this is possible for you, even if you feel like you don't have the experience (yet) or have no clue where to start.
And I can’t wait to show you how…

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🌟Introducing SwimFlow MasterClass🌟

Grace teaches adult swimming
Join SwimFlow MasterClass today to let go of the ‘I can’t’,
step into the ‘I can’ & gaining confidence in swimming,
enjoying your first 100m swim in 12 weeks
(even if you have a busy schedule!)
SwimFlow MasterClass program for adults swimmers
Grace teaches adult swimming


Set your goals & timeline

Two recommended swim roadmap included to swim your first 100m independently


This section also includes swim progress report for your future swim practices.

Grace teaches adult swimming


Find your SwimFlow Formula

& Ideal pool

The #1 reason why people fail to learn swimming isn't because it's too late to learn, but a much deeper (hard-wired) intrinsic fear.

I’ll teach you my SwimFlow Formula and help you embody a 'can-do' mentality to accelerate your swim practices and help you find your ideal pool, swim essentials, and set you up for your first swim without overwhelm!

Grace teaches adult swimming


Find your float in water (Blueprint to Flow 1)

What differentiate an anxious swimmer from a confident, comfortable swimmer (who finds their flow) in water?

In this module, you’ll learn the roadmap to confidently breathe - discover the natural art of floating. I’m here to guide you through the essentials of breathing, floating, and kicking, so you can experience the flow in water effortlessly. 

This section also includes (Blueprint to Flow Level 1) workout guide.

Grace teaches adult swimming


Find your float

(Blueprint to Flow 2)

My goal is to help you confidently progress in different types of water column both shallow and deep ends. Here are the key principles: Scull to Success, Water Safety, Master the Catch and Breathe Easy 

We'll unlock your potential with a clear step-by-step path of lessons and milestones to turn skills into action.

Grace teaches adult swimming


Find your functional movement 

Good news - you don’t need to be a gym fanatic! I will help you find your baseline and analyze your unique needs to boost, maintain healthy flexibility, mobility and stability through everyday movements, no complex exercises or gym gear required.

I offer you step-by-step video tutorials (without complicated equipments) to help you set up so that you can better experience flow in water. You can train your body on land and reduce injury risks in the long term – your body will thank you!

Grace teaches adult swimming


Find your float in water

(Blueprint to Flow 3)

SwimFlow MasterClass isn’t just about hitting that 100m milestone. Instead, I’m committed to helping you experience your flow and enjoy water activities with loved ones. 

After our SwimFlow MasterClass wraps, I’m here to support you as you dive into exploring more water activities, whether it’s refining your strokes, learning snorkelling techniques or venture into scuba diving. Together, we can elevate your swimming experience and take your water adventures to new heights!

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You’ll not only swim your first 100m in 12 weeks from now, but you’ll also end up with the lifestyle of a swimmer, who prioritizes your swim pursuit in the midst of a busy schedule, and be able to fully enjoy various aquatic pursuits with loved ones in your next vacation destination.

The Result📈

Are you ready to find the confident swimmer within you?

Join SwimFlow MasterClass today to to let go of the ‘I can’t’, step into the ‘I can’ & gaining confidence in swimming and enjoying your first 100m swim in 12 weeks (even if you have a busy!)

🌟Bonus Swim🌟


100% Satisfaction guarantee

I am invested in YOUR success! 🙌

I’m so committed and proud that I am here to over deliver. I am confident that this program will get you to swim comfortably, and I couldn’t wait to share this with you. So, it is important that you feel confident and excited about joining this program.

If you still aren’t happy after 14 days, you can request a full refund via email That gives you two weeks to test everything out in case you decide it’s no longer suitable for you.

satisfaction guarantee

The SwimFlow MasterClass experience ✨

 I’ve blended my experience in working with the community and independent swim sectors and my teaching experience as an educator to craft a course that’s all about taking real action and achieving tangible results.

Join me on this intentional journey to swim success! 

Grace teaches adult swimming

Self-paced curriculum

Right when you join, you’ll immediately unlock access to the self-paced curriculum.

This is updated regularly, so you’ll always have my latest & best swimming strategies. I also take requests if you have ideas to enhance the program.

Grace teaches adult swimming

Personal Coaching Swim
(6 sessions included)

You are in control when to partake in the 1:1 personal coaching sessions, where we will work on drills and techniques, and offer feedback in the Blueprint to Flow guided training (This is many students’ favourite part of the program to experience flow with me!)

Grace teaches adult swimming

Personalized review from Grace

If you need support in between your self-paced practice sessions, you can submit ‘work’ for me to personally review.

This includes: swim video for feedback, questions/requests on skills, exercises and techniques, anything. I respond in writing or with short video audits.

Grace teaches adult swimming

Private student community

We have a student community space where you can start discussions, celebrate wins, and share feedback with each other. (It’s built in the website, not on Facebook.)

You’ll have a dedicated login to participate. There’s also an app if you prefer to participate on your phone. I'm also personally very involved!

Plus, unlock templates & workout plans ✨

Throughout the course, there are worksheets, guides and templates with step-wise guidance to help you go through your swim quickly as comfortably and effortlessly as possible.

SwimFlow Formula  

to find your successful swimmer mindset

Swim Essential Recommendation 

to help you get ready for your swim

Swim Roadmap

to help you take action and see results

Swim Progress Diary

to help you reflect and track your swim progress

In short, my goal is to go above-and-beyond

This isn’t the kind of program where you’ll never interact with the instructor. I’m familiar with all current students’ swim levels and progress, and sincerely look forward to helping your swim and offering dedicated, personalized support.

Not sure if SwimFlow MasterCLass is right for you?

Here are a few recommendations to help you make a decision. 

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This could be for you if 🙋‍♀️...

​​✔️ You have a busy schedule making traditional weekly swimming classes less feasible, wanting more control of when and where to swim.

✔️ You have experience exploring online resources for swim techniques, watched youtube videos and is amenable to practice the art of swimming. 

✔️ You want a lifelong support, access to swim coach (Grace) and cultivate a swimming community with like-minded people. 

✔️ You are completely new or have a little former swimming experience and is working to become more comfortable and confident in swimming.


✔️ You are somewhat comfortable with the shallow end where you can stand, but is working to overcome the deep end.


✔️ You want to explore a new and sustainable fitness routine.


✔️ You’re willing to put in the work to learn to swim and actively engage in learning (with or without the in-person coaching sessions)


✔️ You want to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle that prioritizes your well-being.

But not if 🙅‍♀️...

✖️ You’re looking for a get-swim-quick scheme. These strategies and practices don’t happen overnight, and you have to put in the work to see results. The fulfillment and satisfaction comes from the constant never ending improvement.


✖️ You prefer the weekly locked-in swim with instructor (traditional approach in community & independent swim schools)


✖️ You prefer in-person interactions and learning in the pool only


There have been exceptions in the past, so if you want to chat more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

(with the form at the bottom or email

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Contact Swim with Grace

Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions, plus a contact form to reach out to Team Swim with Grace.
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  • 💭 Am I ready to take your program?
    SwimFlow MasterClass is a great fit for swimmers who have no prior experience in swimming or have learnt in the past but are still apprehensive about swimming, for those who are motivated to learn at their own pace and are in control of their swim schedule, so they can swim their first 100m and enjoy water activities with family and friends in 12 weeks! You won't know your potential until you try it, and if you don't like it within 14 days, we refund you. :)
  • 🏊‍♂️ I am not sure if I can learn to swim in 6 coaching sessions.
    The 6 in-person training sessions are designed to guide you what to do during your swim practices. The program encourage self-paced practice toward the habit a swimmer. You will have access to our private membership community where students interact, ask questions and exchange ideas during their practices - oftentimes, someone has answers to your questions! I am also personally involved as well. I will do my very best with the help of the swim community to get you from where you are to where you want to be, if you have trust in yourself and in our team 😉! More questions and not yet convinced? Book a discovery call with me.
  • 🏊‍♀️ Where would the in-person coaching session take place?
    If you have access to private (condo/apartment/house) pool within 15 km from Brentwood North Burnaby, lessons would take place in your chosen pool. Otherwise, all lessons are conducted at a specific designated training pools as I am actively seeking and expanding to work with community with pool access. For my swimmers who are in the DIY camp, you wouldn't have to worry about this at all! 😊
  • 💧 What if I don’t have access to swimming pool? Where can I practice my swim?
    In our first week of the program, we will cover this and help you find your ideal pool to swim without overwhelm! Rest assure even if you've never been to a pool and have no idea how it works. I provide checklist for you to seek out your ideal pool(s) within your reach. There's a pool called home for everyone! For transparency, I am also actively working on expanding access community, to private fitness gym and other YMCA pools for our membership group with special perks, or if you know of other alternatives I would also love to hear. Stay tuned for exciting updates!
  • 📆 When is the in-person coaching sessions?
    Bookings for in-person coaching sessions is flexible typically 4pm-7pm PST weekdays. There are exceptions in the past. Schedule viewable upon registration for the SwimFlow MasterClass [currently accepting waitlist registrants] Save your spot now. For my swimmers who are in the DIY camp you wouldn't have to worry about this 😃!
  • 👥 Do you offer 1:1 services?
    Outside of SwimFlow MasterClass, no. In SwimFlow MasterClass, I (Grace) work directly with my students in the pool to learn to swim for 6 in-person sessions. I also offer feedback via personalizing videos (asynchronously). This is so I can best support students in the MasterClass with my time and energy.
  • ⛳ I'm new to learning swimming. Where should I start?
    If you're ready to get started, you can check out our Signature Program, where we help swimmers find their flow in water. Alternatively you can choose to book a Discovery Call with me to ask me just about anything! Downloadable Free resources coming soon, so stay tune for exciting updates!
  • 👥 Can I bring a +1 for the in-person coaching session?
    Absolutely yes as long as your +1 is also a member in the SwimFlow MasterClass program and your schedules agree. We will only need one person (and give me the name of your +1) to do the booking for the two of you. You will get paid $50 for each referral you make! :)
  • 📅 What if I cannot commit to the entire 12 weeks in one go?
    While the program follows a 10-12-week structure for those seeking a guided timeline, you have the flexibility to progress at your own pace. Whether you choose to complete it within the suggested 12-week period, less or extend the duration to meet your individual needs, this program is intentionally designed so you get to work on your own pace. Important thing to note is that the 6 in-person coaching sessions with Grace is only valid for 6 months upon your enrolment. There are also exceptions from the past in which I extended for a calendar year. Should you wish to learn more, you can contact us for more questions.
  • 🕗 When can I start the SwimFlow MasterClass and unlock the limited time bonus?
    You can start as soon as you purchased the course as well as the limited time bonus! ⭐ Once you have enrolled in the course and the payment has processed, all the curriculum in the program will be unlocked for you. For transparency, this new program is not permanent as I am constantly updating upon student feedback and best practices, so there might be times in which the section will be under construction (of course, I will make it clear for you) so you could check back for the updated lesson(s)!
  • 💰 Do you have a refund policy?
    This is a 10-12-week program to get you from a non-swimmer to swimming your first 100m front crawl and being able to stay comfortably in the deep end. It is risk-free! Plus, I (Grace) and the community are here to help you every step of the way. If you feel like this program is not right for you after you've had the opportunity to try for 14 days, you can email to get your full refund.
  • 📩 How can I get in touch if I still have questions?
    You can email me anytime at or book me for a Discovery Call for thoughts, questions, worries...or anything! I would love to hear from you! 😃

Get in touch

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Thanks for submitting!

Hi, Grace here! 

It'll just be too overwhelming for you to fit all of your inquires up, so whether you have more questions about the program or you're interested in finding more about Swim with Grace, I'd be happy to help! 
I usually will be in touch with all relevant inquiries within 48 hours.

Alternatively, I also offer Discovery Call, so feel free if you would like to connect via a chat.

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Every great swim journey starts with the first step, a stroke, one splash at a time! 

John P.hilip ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

"My wife and I immensely benefited from learning with Grace. The techniques, video learning of what we were doing right or wrong all helped even the end session of debrief."
We can now look at a water body and not be fearful to swim. Grace was easy to work with, calm, reassuring. We learnt to continue to keep up this activity for the rest of our lives. I think swimming is a life skill and besides the health benefits it is also a relaxing activity to do.
Grace, catch you soon at the deep end :-)
testimonial for swim with grace

Are you ready to be the next success story?

Join SwimFlow MasterClass today to to let go of the ‘I can’t’, step into the ‘I can’ & gaining confidence in swimming and enjoying your first 100m swim in 12 weeks (even if you have a busy schedule) 

🌟Bonus Swim🌟
satisfaction guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Try this course in full for 14 days, and if you aren't happy with your purchase, 
you can email within 14 days of your enrolment date and we'll issue a full refund
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