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3 Secrets to Unlocking your Swimming Potentials and More...
Watch this prior to accepting my free "New Client Assessment/Consultation" gift.

New Client Free Assessment

Welcome to the Blueprint that's totally going to change your life with a value worth of $15,514 

4 years of teaching in the education sector

5 years of trial and error in the water 

8 years and ongoing personal growth

(I mean, dramatic much? Maybe. But you're about to up your A game BIG time!)


You are my ideal client to work with. But it's only going to work for you if you have the tips, tools and strategies and learning from the WHO will get you there. I promise you I am just as committed as you are, (if not more!) and together let's make it happen! 🌟🌟🌟

P.S: Money back guarantee if you make no progress! 

Swim with Grace
Value at $360/2hr
$100 Coupon Available upon completing the 
New Client Free Consultation
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