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Turn Problems into Solutions!

Let me tell you, I have not always been a fan of problems, until I've learnt to see it differently. And thanks to Ed Mylett, I've inspired by your podcast as a reminder that we are all striving to be better, on this path of personal development.

By all means I have not mastered the problem solution techniques, but here's what I know when you come to me for the swimming problems you have. I am fascinated and 110% committed to find SOLUTIONS for you. I want Swim with Grace be the bridge builder that allows you to go from where you are to where you want to be faster and better. Only there's one disclaimer, you need to decide for yourself that the problems and the challenges you have will make you a better person. Look at your life retrospectively, aren't all problems and challenges you faced and have overcame made you already a better person?

It's ironic to think that we want problems and challenges because they help us grow when we secretly hope that we get none of them. But when you begin to learn something new or to advance to your next level, challenges and problems WILL COME. So, instead of resisting them, give the problem(s) you have a meaning.

You can either blame, complain, settle or resist the way that it is just not going to work out for you no matter how hard and how much you've tried. OR you can see problem(s) as an opportunity for you to grow, to excel and to become a better version of you. Very consciously distinguish the thought in your head that is telling you, and first you need to be aware of what it's telling you, and CHANGE the narrative in your head consciously.

Our lives is composed of repeated emotions and these emotions dictates the quality of our lives. Determine what feelings do I want to have? It is OK to be unhappy about your outcome and be disappointed about it, but how long are you going to be in that state? You can still CHOOSE to be satisfy with the amount of time and effort you put in, you show up for yourself repeatedly. When you have a disempowering thought what emotions do you generate? Think about it. Alternatively, when you have an empowering thought, what emotions do you generate? I rather we have a flaw plan but do it with conviction and massive certainty than have the absolute perfect plan and execute with a lot of doubt and uncertainty. To me, what's more important is the process of exploration and experimentation, rather than fighting and resisting that problems will never arise and it will all be smooth sailing. Otherwise, what am I here for?

When you obsess over problems, what happens?

They get bigger.

And it becomes more difficult.

Until you are stuck in that cycle.

You freeeeeze. You might fiiiiight. You might flighhhhht.

So please, let's spend our energy toward solutions. Let's exercise our mind to think: what can I learn from this as I go? During our session, you are repeated being put in an environment of trial and error, like a toddler learning to walk for the first time, and it can be vulnerable at times. We are constantly making decisions one after another to go after the things we want. There might be a million decisions that need to be made, a million things we gotta try, but just know that they are not failures when they don't work out, they are ways that we found out that don't work and EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE.

Listen to Ed's full podcast:

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