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  • I don't have a private pool access. What do I do?
    You will have access to both private pool space in the Coquitlam location and Port Moody location. Both are ⭐️ picks for learning to swim comfortably and confidently with varying skills you are looking for! Coquitlam Location: 1002 Quadling Ave - 20' SwimSpa ⭐️ Pool is temperature regulated (adjustable as needed) so you’re NOT learning to swim battling in the cold water. Recommended for starters. Port Moody Location: 48 Mount Royal Dr - 14FT Deep End ⭐️ Perfect training pool for lifesaving skills (varies surface support like treading water) Recommended for swimmers after accomplishing their first 5 (2HR) sessions.
  • Do you teach children how to swim?
    Absolutely yes! If you do not have access to private condo/apartment/house pools, public pools are NOT an option. I teach at two pools at Coquitlam (Location: 1002 Quadling Ave, Coquitlam, BC) and Port Moody (Location: 48 Mount Royal Dr Port Moody). Both are ⭐️ pick pools to train your skills to swim comfortably and confidently.
  • How many sessions would you recommend?
    It is hard to answer this question alone because we need to consider various contexts and future swimmers we are working with. I wrote a blog post "3 Simple Steps to Swim with Grace" discuss this topic in much greater details. Here's the idea: What is your goal(s) in swimming? Are you a non-swimmer and intending to build your way to an initial, developing, expanding or even a proficient swimmer? These are questions to ask yourself because we all have our own WHYs/unique journey/pace of learning, with varying levels of abilities and adaptabilities. To start, I recommend non-swimmers with 5 (2-Hr session) package to develop into an emerging swimmer. From emerging swimmers, the next level of swimmers would be the developing and then the proficient swimmers. Typically it takes another 5-10 sessions and your level of confidence will increase every single session as we get more skillsets and techniques under your belt. There are flexibility working around with training time, and more importantly the 3 Cs (1. Consistency 2. Community 3. Coach) will keep you progressing.
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