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Hey it's me, Grace! Psst...first post, I had a confession!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

I'm embarrassed to share this mess, but I think this mess is going be a message to help you. Why do I say that...?

Let me guess, you have been putting off learning to swim...for way too long! You think it's a nice skill to have, and is not a priority, until you:

  • Miss out on the enjoyment of water activities

  • Choose to stay dry when others are in the water

  • Put yourself and others in danger when peer pressure takes over

  • Are consumed by fear and you say "no more, enough is enough!"

What are those stories we tell ourselves?

I'm not enough. This is too hard. I am too old. I am too young. I don't have the time, the money. It's not the right time. I don't have the talent. I am not good at it. I am not like them. What if I fail? This is scary. I can't do this. This is too hard. It's impossible. What if it doesn't work out? It's too much work for me...and why would I invest if it doesn't turn out the way I want...

I'm sure the narrative doesn't sound too unfamiliar to you.

Prior to 2022 I have travelled with my partner and whenever there is a chance to go scuba diving, this is the story I told myself. I don't believe that I am worthy of the pursuit.

This went back and forth for quite some time, until my first course of action was to send an inquiry to the dive shop.

The dive shop responded to me promptly with a date and time. And you think I jumped onto this opportunity immediately?


I never responded to the email.

Well, yes, life takes over, and the dream slowly fades away into the distant. So what took me so long? My old thinking pattern. My limiting beliefs. Me holding myself back. I am waiting on someone to give me the GREEN light, but guess what I know now that I wish I had known? Is that the person will never come!!!!

It wasn't until I had enough of internal struggles and conflicts have I realized I need to go all in! Sounds like a familiar story to you? Maybe.

On July 2022, (7 months after my initial inquiry) one simple decision shifted my life completely. I took the uncomfortable action and I followed through. After signing up for a week of open water course, I had my first ticket to the open water scuba diving.

This is no longer a dream nor an idea in my head. Instead, it opens to a door of limitless possibilities, hobbies, and a whole new level of appreciation. Since then, I've taken my open water to advanced and other specialty courses. I am now a rescue open water diver in the pursuit of being a Divemaster. All because, I gave myself the green light. I am, just like you, with a few chapters ahead of you, on this journey of discovering my own path and potential.

Now feeling more confident, clear and comfortable. I want the same for you. I want to be the person who I wish I had years ago to make you move forward with your dream. Because since I went all in, I never looked back. I never regretted my decision.

Think about how your life could be different a year from now?

What if I can show you that you can have exactly what you want and never had to dream about it again?

What if I can show you how you could move from uncertainty to unstoppable by overcoming your doubts and uncertainty in water?

If you’re going to conquer your uncertainty, fear and doubt in water, I’m betting that you’re gonna need some help. I’m betting that it’s gonna be pretty hard trying to figure it out on your own (because it WAS HARD trying to figure it out on my own!). You’re gonna need someone to guide you. And if you need someone to guide you, I’d love to be that person.

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