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Want to be a Better Swimmer and beyond? DO THIS!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

This was inspired by Brendon Burchard the High Performance Habits.

After many years of trial and error in unlocking my own swimming potential, I cannot stress how important the power of reflection is. You don't learn just by doing, hearing and seeing, but more so through constant feedback and self-reflection.

Trust me, this is not just another boring checklist, but 6 BIG Indicators that will determine your future as a swimmer and beyond. Even if you are currently following your passion in learning something new, you can also use this tool to help you. You score yourself from 1-5, in which 1 is low and 5 is high.

For those who are committed in becoming a better swimmer with me, we are following this proven BLUEPRINT during our sessions together.

I made you look at yourself honestly because this is what I'm here to do, to serve you and push you forward, to make you eventually be comfortable with the discomfort. This will only make us work more consistently (not necessarily harder but smarter (; I certainly had learned my lessons over the past years) towards our goals.

Seek Clarity: Are you clear with your intention and connect with your why and able to identify something that you wanted to do better this week?

Develop Self-Relationship: Are you able to guide yourself thinking well and care for yourself?

Generate Energy: Are you aware of your energy level and whether you need to push harder or take breaks in between?

Demonstrate Courage: Are you able to consistently take actions despite of setbacks and fear of the unknown?

Raise Necessity: Are you able to talk positively to yourself and committed to your WHY by staying on your A game?

Increase Productivity: Are you able to work on the things that mattered the most and stay fully engaged and enjoyed the effort?

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