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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The #1 question I ask my clients in our first session is:

"When you learn something new, what do you expect?"

Before you look into their response, think for yourself first.

I get a lot of answers along the lines of: I expect to be more comfortable. I can enjoy the water more. I am more confident to go in the ocean. I can incorporate swimming into my workout routine. I can finally be comfortable in the water! etc.

While these are common thoughts and responses and yes they are the driving force, but this is only ONE part (emotional mastery) of the Swim with Grace Success TRIO, I want to introduce you to another new way of thinking...

Think of it this way...

Have you anticipated that learning something completely new for the first is going to be difficult? In other words, have you NOT foresee that there is going to be challenges? What do you expect then?

If I haven't scared you away...and I am not afraid to tell my clients the truth.

But here's what I know. Do know that the positive outcomes WILL COME. You will be swimming with more ease, confident and comfort, but also know that you are on the grind. So, give yourself the grace and the credit of showing up and doing the hard work. I don't have a magic spell to make you an overnight swimmer (because it certainly took me years of trial and error myself), but I have the key to unlocking your swimming potential when we put in our maximum time and effort together. I promise you, you will get there.

So let me ask you this:

"What are you going to tell yourself when things get tough?" (read it again)

I want you to think about this and explore what is your self-affirmation, optimistic self-talk when you are in the midst of newness, uncertainty and struggle?

I can sure share with you what I've used for myself...and some credit to my clients who shared with me:

  • "This is hard, but I'm going to get it!"

  • "I haven't master it yet, but I will."

  • "Let me try again."

  • "Let's do this!"

  • "What's the worst thing that could happen?"

  • "Interesting!" (*laugh it out* humour is important!!)

  • "I almost got it!"

  • "I can't yet. I can and I will."

I believe in you. 💙💙💙💙

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