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3 Simple Steps to Swim with Grace

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Many people ask this: "Grace will I ever be able to swim? How long would it take me to swim?"

I wish I could give you the magic number...but what I CAN PROMISE you is that you will unlock your swimming potential if you follow this blueprint!

Are you someone who is fear of water? This could be a huge determinant factor for your first step to gaining water confidence and comfort. From my experience, it typically takes an average of 10 hours of private instruction to overcome the fear of water (2HR/session for 5 sessions) to be comfortable with various movements in the water. Once we have mastered our comfort and confidence level in the water, we are ready to work on the foundational skills that are transferrable to any other strokes.

Learning the first strokes could be the most challenging since you are balancing your body and not only are you moving the arms but you also need to remember the kicking. And...occasionally the voice inside your head could come back and hunt you...."see? this is so hard, I can't do it!" There is a lot to think about let along when we are also adding the rhythmic breathing. So we would need to take time to ensure that we have a solid foundational skills before adding another skillset in your toolkit. This, in of itself, would possibly be another 10 hours (1HR/Session for 10 sessions) to maintain the consistency and exposure of practicing in the water.

Let me tell you...a lot of people stop progressing here and if you want to move forward to the next level of swimmer, YOU HAVE TO STAY WITH IT!!! Because I truly believe the life-changing 3Cs in learning something new.

When you show me that you are able to perform the foundational skills with ease, we are ready to put everything together in swimming full strokes. This is the fun part because we are going to put everything in motion. At this point, it could be the most rewarding experience when you realize that you are no longer "walking" in the pool and you have various tools under your belt to swim with grace!

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